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Hi, I hope the information which I posted earlier may be
useful to your goodselves. Feel free to contact 9492038751

Now some information regarding bank clerical interview is
as follows :
First Bank in India is Bank of Hindustan & General Bank of
India, but they are defunt now.

The oldest bank that is functioning today also is State
Bank of India. It was established in 1806 by then British
East India Company as a private firm in Calcutta as "BANK
OF CALCUTTA". Later, its name was changed as "BANK OF
BENGAL". In continuation to this, other two precidency
banks were established in India at Mumbai - BANK OF MUMBAI
(1840), at Chennai - BANK OF MADRAS. In 1925 these three
banks were merged into one and named as "IMPERIAL BANK OF
INDIA" under the control of Reserve Bank of India(1935).
But after Independance of India in 1955 as per SBI act
1955, it was changed as "STATE BANK OF INDIA" with
independent under Government of India. In 1959, as per 1959
SBI(Subsidiary Banks) Act, Subsidiary banks were started.

Today SBI and its Associate Banks have more than 16500
branches with 52 Foreign Branches.

State Bank of Hyderabad has 1104 branches, State Bank of
Patiala has 750 branches. Other Subsidiary Banks are State
Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Travancore, State Banke of
Indore, State Bank of Bikener and Jaipur. Recently in 2008
State Bank of Sourashtra was merged with SBI as a policy
decision. In the current it on the process to merge SBH and
SBP into SBI. According to a survey, in coming 10 years
there exists only 6 national banks against 27 banks we have
today. Apart from this we have 31 private and 38 foreign
banks in India. Today Banking definition not confining to
providing financical services, it is also extending to
offering Insurance services, Selling Mutual funds, stock
market operation as Depository participants. May be in
coming days, Banking industry going to sell products,
payment of bills of all kind, fee of all examinations with
low commission/without commission in addition to the above.

Thats all friends. We will meet in another post

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Hi, I hope the information which I posted earlier may be useful to your goodselves. Feel free to c..

Answer / balakrishnan

SBI is the largest and oldest bank in Asia.
Stands 29th in the list of Top 50 Companies ranked by
Only bank to collect Rs.25,000 Crore !!! through IMD(India
Millennium Deposit) way back in 1998 after we blasted in
Pokhran. That time the Central Govt and RBI requested SBI
to prevent the Foreign currency erosion.(This shows the
strenght of SBI).
SBI is not a "Show off" like ICICI.
SBI belives in strenght and not show.
Only bank to post a net profit of Rs.9100+ crores after
paying salary and pension to over 2.5 lakh staff. this is
not an easy number.

Long live SBI


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Hi, I hope the information which I posted earlier may be useful to your goodselves. Feel free to c..

Answer / aruna

My, GOD, ur genious man. u r serving others. thanx a lot.
keep it up. awaiting more information till my interview day
(30th may)

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Hi, I hope the information which I posted earlier may be useful to your goodselves. Feel free to c..

Answer / udayabhaskar

Aruna, first of all i wish u best of luck. Regarding my
perception on creating this post to share knowledge. I will
continue further. I will provide clerical exam tips, how to
tackle the exam and secure interview 100%. Time management
also. I have to shape it, but as i am busy with ESIC exam
preparation Part-II, i am busy with learning MS-ACCESS
thoroughly though i know other three.
With best wishes,

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Hi, I hope the information which I posted earlier may be useful to your goodselves. Feel free to c..

Answer / lalitha

mr. udayabaskar i really respect u and ur interest in
sharing ur knoweledge and helping others... i am lalitha..
my first clerk exam was canara bank.. fortunately i cleared
the written. i had immediateiy cleared corporation bank
also.. but pity i cud not get trough in final for both the
banks...i don know wats really lacking.. is it anything lik
they won prefer engineer??????? i don kno wts d problem...
plsssssss waitin for ur kind advices and guidance.... thank

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