DO you have experience in mosques architectures- designs?

DO you have experience in mosques architectures- designs?..

Answer / vraghuram


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I have 14 diffrent shape can I use this in architructure design??

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Discuss the concept of system transition strategy.

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1)At present you r using cement but olden days what they r using?

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Which of the following sentence is not correct

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What do we mean by domestic architecture artifacts?

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i am looking for Final year Architecture Designer or any home based project worker in chennai. contact 9500092822

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what is length of IRON PILLAR at MEHRAULI?

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3. Assume a building having three floor and a lift, the lift has the following buttons: a. G (for ground floor) b. 1 (for first floor) c. 2 (for the second floor) d. 3 (for the 3rd floor) e. Stop (Stop button to stop the lift in emergency) Assume currently the lift is in the ground floor; write an algorithm for the lift to work.

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