DO you have experience in mosques architectures- designs?

Answer / vraghuram


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if we remove the hd of a pc wether it will run or not? if yes how or if no why?

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hi im doing an interview for school and i need to interview an architect..but i cant find one. It would be sweet if someone with architectural knowledge could answer my questions. 1.what is the most important responsibility an architect has? 2.what is the hardest thing to do if you are an architect? 3. what is the easiest thing to do? 4.What courses do i need to take in high school if i want to become one? 5.Are there situations where an architects job can be dangerous? 6.Do architects have a big responsibility when it comes to their job? 7.What do spend time most on when you are at work? 8.What university course do you recommend if i want to become one? 2-3 sentences answers would be nice. it would be cool if i could have name because i have to include that on my assignment sheet

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what are the differences of software life cycle models

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how much steel bar is required for 1400qrs feet r.c.c slab

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what tyre of wood is better for room doors

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how do we calculate lux for museum building? what is the procedure?

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1. What are the three services offered by GSM? Explain each of them briefly.

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what type of mapping is most used in maya production house?

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What do we mean by domestic architecture artifacts?

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what are the different types of dimensions

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the desirable depth of a wardrobe fore hanging cloths

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What is the OLAP Position in the folloeing two categories wehen we access data warehouse data from operational environment 1) indirect access of datawarehouse data 2) indirect use of datawarehouse data

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