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What is the system to registered online for advertisment of
law firm & what is the cost of advertisment?

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What are the experiences you had in the past that makes you certain that you are prepared to practice civil law?

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What is the last date of TDS deposition of the payament of 31- 03-2008 & 31-03-2009

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What views are you having on the policies of the Legal Services Commission?

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What you know about the impact of the Human Rights Act on law in this country?

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A manufacturing defect stops a parachute from deploying in a charity skydive leading to two people dying. Is this manslaughter or murder?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you intent on becoming a career prosecutor?

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1.why do u want to join his lpo? 2. Why do u want to leave litigation? 3. why do u think that there is no scope in litigation?

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what is mean by form no 8B which purpose it will use ...???

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Sir, I have applied for the post of Office superintendent in Charity commissioner, Mumbai. I have required the previous year exam question papers or which question are likely to be asked for the such exam.

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Do you think that the impact of human rights will be severe on criminal law?

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among the tax revenue of the goverment of india ,the most important is a.income tax b.custom duty. c. corporation tax. d. union excise duty.

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