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Can someone post group2 paper2 and paper3 key as I am not
able to view it in sakshi previous paper..or atleast tell
me the other source of getting it.. Thanks

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what type of books i have to read for group2 prelims?

2 Answers  

which book is best for studying general studies paper1

1 Answers  

iwillpreparethe group-IIexams.howcaniprepareandget the studymaterialand previous papers.

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i saw one column in Groups notification that is special recruitment it is for engineering condidates. here my doubt is it comes under Groups or it come another time. if yes please tell me when it come. Actually i m in student, i prepared Groups under catagory of special recruitment please give me the information in brieflly its urgent. thank u

0 Answers   VVS,

iam studying bpharmacy 3rd year now . iam prepare group2 so please tell me how to prepare group2&when the next notification declere please tell me details to my email

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I need Group II previous model papers. Is ther any site/url for checking the previous model papers. If any one is ther please send to my mailid:

1 Answers   Wipro,

The term ‘First World’ refers to countries that are: (1) agricultural (2) backward (3) in Africa (4) industrialized

3 Answers  

can i get group 2 telugu medium meterial through mail

6 Answers  

I am Divya.I am preparing for Gr-2,I want to know which coaching institute in hyd is best for GR-2.either RCreddy or ambedkar? .Kindly give me the reply as early as possible. Thanks in advance.

5 Answers  

Reporting in camera proceedings of a judicial court will invite action under: (1) Official Secrets Act (2) Contempt of Court (3) Defamation (4) RTI

2 Answers   Syndicate Bank,

Because people have their own meanings, communication is basically: (1) popular (2) angular (3) imaginary (4) personal

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Group 2 having preliminary or not.

3 Answers  

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