your greast weakness.

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Answer / ms. preeti

As we all are born with plus and minuses no one is perfect
in this world. I would always like to enhance my positive
points and work on my weakness. My greatest weakness is
some time I am not able to make fullest use of the time
given to me, but I have already started working on my time
management.I do a proper analysis of job given to me and
see to it I meet the dead line on time and will always
improve on it. As it is rightly said that “life is a
continuous learning process”.

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Answer / bhagat negi

I'm not pain to gives any other person.

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Answer / neha

Everyone has some positive and some negative attitude my negative point is that I m short tempered person not at all but when somebody don't do the assign work by me and make some mistakes then I can't hold my anger

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Answer / vicky

I know all my minus.

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