An open form can not be execute the call_form procedure if
you chain of called forms has been initiated by another open

An open form can not be execute the call_form procedure if you chain of called forms has been initi..

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Hi...... I created a report which is geneated in .txt format. What I do for this is 1.First I change the system parameter mode to character in the report. 2.Then I place a button in my form to call the report. code in the button is as follows.. DECLARE rePid REPORT_OBJECT; rep_hndl VARCHAR2(100); BEGIN rePid := Find_Report_Object('reptxt.rdf'); Set_Report_Object_Property(rePid,Report_deStype,FILE); Set_Report_Object_Property(rePid,Report_FileName,'d:\sasi\reports\reptxt.rdf'); Set_Report_Object_Property(rePid,Report_desName,'d:\sasi\output\repprint.txt'); rep_hndl := Run_Report_Object(rePid); END; and it is working.. Now the problam is that when I preview the report from the report builder, it is in the format I needed. But when I run the form and run the report,Its alligment is not correct. Regards abc

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I have a frame that contains headings. This frame is enclosed in side a repeating frame. However the headings are not displayed on all pages it is displayed only on the last page. Please let me know why is this happening. print object on = All pages base printing on = enclosing object

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When to use Place holder columns in Oracle Reports and what is a place holder column?

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How do you pass the parameters from one form to another form?

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Please tell me what is wrong in the below query: (Very Urgent) ================================================= function BeforePForm return boolean is begin if :from_invoice_date is null OR :to_invoice_date is null then aiv.PERIOD_NMAE:=:gl_period elsif :gl_period is null then aiv.INVOICE_DATE between :from_invoice_date and :to_invoice_date end if; return (TRUE); end;

2 Answers   TCS,

running a report from Form or other Report , The Parameter Form Page will be Display first . I don?t want to display the screen . What I have to do ?

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What are the built-ins that are used to Attach an LOV programmatically to an item?

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What are built-ins used for Processing rows?

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What are the default extension of the files created by library module?

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what is the difference between oracle reports 6i and oracle reports 10g? give atleast 10 differences? (plz give the answer vvvvvvvvvvv.urgent)

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What are the display styles of an alert?

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What is the difference between keystartup and pre-form ?

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