1st movie of mr amitabh bacchen

1st movie of mr amitabh bacchen..

Answer / vishwajeet

sat hindustani

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Hiii can anybody tell me which books are best preferable for the preparation of Group1 and Group2 prelims. Also the price of the books. Please post ur ansrs 2 this question

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Haiiiiiiii every one..... now where we can get live projects in websites? plzzz tell me any one,, give me one site...its an urgent plzzzzz.

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i am selected for sbi bank po as well assistant central intelligence officer grade 2 executive in intelligence bureau. which one i should join and why?

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why dont you join your family business????

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How to choose generals in grand battle game? In grand battle game, I have upgraded to a certain level, which enables me to choose generals to fight for me. However, I am not sure how to choose them. Could any one can give me some suggestions? Thank you!

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tell me about a time in which you gave a presentation in front of a group of people.

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can server request to the client:yes/no give the reasion atleast 3

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sir i got a call from cabinet secretariat regarding i got selected in dfo(gd) 2013 on 28/5/2016 to come for filling of some details in my interview attestation form,which i submitted.Now when will my verification be completed and got the appointment letter.Is anybody got the same

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what environmental performance criteria are used in your company

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what are the questions asked by interviewer for the post of logistics executive?

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When will the JET 2009 exam will help, Joint Entrance Test 2009, Punjab Joint Entrance Test 2009, Diploma Entrance Test 2009, Punjab Diploma entrance test 2009.

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i need sponsor for my family in USA

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