if you update view? where we store the data?

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if you update view? where we store the data?..

Answer / smrao

Even if we update the view, the data will update in the
base table of the view.

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if you update view? where we store the data?..

Answer / abhishek.421

in the table itself..view does not contain any data!

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if you update view? where we store the data?..

Answer / vishal muthal

View is nothing but the virtual table made from few columns
of the base table to get faster retrival and fetch of the
data. Hence when you update any view the column which you
updating is get updated,and the column basically belongs to
the base table.hence answer is IT WILL UPDATE BASE TABLE

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if you update view? where we store the data?..

Answer / sivakumar

The value gets updated in base table. This is done by insteadof trigger

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if you update view? where we store the data?..

Answer / ramesh.ch

The updated data will be stored in base table directly.


View is always reference for base table .view is a virtual
table.Unless a view is indexed,its data is not stored in
data base as a distinct element. only the select statement
is stored in the data base.If you call the select statement
of view ,it displays the data form base table.

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