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. National physical laboratory is located at

(1) Madras

(2) Hyderabad

(3) Delhi

(4) Bombay

. National physical laboratory is located at (1) Madras (2) Hyderabad (3) Delhi (4) Bomb..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Delhi

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Founder of ‘Vignana Chandrika Grandha Mandali’: (a) Guruzada Appa Rao (b) Kommaraju Lakshman Rao (c) Veeresalingam (d) Chilakamarthi

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. The last ruler of the Nanda dynasty from whom Chandra Gupta Maurya took over the throne was (1) Mahapadma Nand (2) Dhana Nand (3) Dhruwa Nand (4) Naga Nand

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hello sir/madam i have completed my B.Tech, i would like to get it into public services, but the thing is I'm confused among the different APPSC exams. So, can u please give me brief details about these exams. my mail id is Thank you.

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. What will be the Representative Fraction (R.F.) of the statement of scale 1 cm to 40 km? (1) 1,40,000,000 (2) 1.4,000,000 (3) 14,00,000 (4) 1,40,000

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. Equinox refers to (1) The day on which the sun shines vertically over the tropic of Capricorn (2) The day when day and night are of equal duration (3) The phenomenon which occur in a leap year (4) None

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First time Prataparudra was defeated by: (a) Md. Bin Tughlaq (b) Malik Kafur (c) Allauddin Khilji (d) None

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i completed third year,may i eligible for appearing group1&2 exams?

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The World Press Freedom Day is observed on (1) May 3 (2) February 3 (3) April 15 (4) May 15

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Hai am sri,can any one please suggest me a good institute For groups coaching in visakhapatanam. Also where and how to Get a good material for group 2 preparation ? I would be so Thankfull t0 you if any one replies

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. “Delhi Chalo” is a slogan associated with (1) Shivaji (2) Gandhi (3) Tilak (4) Netaji

11 Answers   Reddit,

The first Chalukya Chola emperor was (a) Rajendra I (b) Rajaraja the Great (c) Kulottunga I (d) Ammaraja

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Who wrote ‘Vyuvahara Dharma Bodhini’? (a) Veeresalingam (b) Ragupathi Venkataratnam (c) Mutnuri Krishna Rao (d) Gopal Krishnayya

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