can anyone proide me reading material on please thanx in advance

can anyone proide me reading material on please thanx in advance ..

Answer / abhimanyu kumar vatsa

As per question "" is a e-mail ID and
to read the material on it you should have the password of
this ID.

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how can i make a program with this kind of output.. Enter a number: 5 0 01 012 0123 01234 012345 01234 0123 012 01 0

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User define function contain thier own address or not.

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to write a program, that finds the minimum total number of shelves, including the initial one, required for this loading process. The packets are named A, B, C, D, E …….. Any numbers of packets with these names could be kept in the shelf, as in this example: [ZZLLAAJKRDFDDUUGGYFYYKK]. All packets are to be loaded on cars. The cars are lined in order, so that the packets could be loaded on them. The cars are also named [A, B, C, D, E,………….].

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main() { int arr[5]={23,67}; printf("%d%d%d",arr[2],arr[3],arr[4]); }

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stripos — Find position of first occurrence of a case- insensitive string int stripos ( char* haystack, char* needle, int offset ) Returns the numeric position of the first occurrence of needle in the haystack string. Note that the needle may be a string of one or more characters. If needle is not found, stripos() will return -1. The function should not make use of any C library function calls.

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