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How important is delegation of work to you? How this needs
to be done?

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How important is delegation of work to you? How this needs to be done?..

Answer / kamlesh

Delegation of work is a methodology for development,
improvement of polishing one's ability. A leader needs to
identify to whom and what work needs to be delegated
depending upon the areas of development/improvement of the
team members. Leader also need to keep an tab on the work
allocated to the team member and a timely feedback needs to
passed on for better results.

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How important is delegation of work to you? How this needs to be done?..

Answer / akhil

This question is actually to let the interview know how
matured you are as an individual & how responsible you as a
leader. Interms of delegation of work..Yes, it is very
important to delegate work to your team members.
Basically, to elaborate there are two important reasons.
1.Everyone knows about the work except for only team leader
or manager is doing.
2.It is a very advance & wise methodology of knowledge
sharing & also grooming your sub-ordinates to better
leaders for tommorrow.
Before, you delgate work I think, it is very imperative to
first understand & analyst which individual has potential
to deliver tangible results in a certain strealine of work.
Thus, identify the individual & then delegate the work.
Lastl,y ensure that, the results are qunatifiable...

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