what is use of default users in solaris especilly
nobady,noacess and nobady4

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what is use of default users in solaris especilly nobady,noacess and nobady4..

Answer / kesava

nobody = uid 60001 = is assined for network file system(nfs)
the nobody uder account is assigned
to software processes that do not need any
special permissions
noaccess = uid 60002 = the account assigned to a user or a
process that needs access to a system
some application instead of through
login procedure
nobody4 = uid 65534 = the anonymous user account that is the
sun os 4.x software version of the
nobody account

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what is use of default users in solaris especilly nobady,noacess and nobady4..

Answer / nimmy

when the root user uses the NFS concept his UID will be
changed to 60001(nobody); nobody4 is the software version of

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