I am doing data entry jobs. How can I got data entry jobs
in cognizent?

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why did you leave your previous job?

0 Answers   Global InnovSource,

hi..ia gng to post sum of questions asked at axis bank..As i was an engineer graduate.Questions askd are h u relate banking to engineering?wht do u knw abt axis bank?wht r the products of axis bank?and abt my family?and my hobbies?

0 Answers   Axis Bank,

What is Aggressive behavior needed in corporate world? how aggressive play a role on of the Employee?

0 Answers   Allianz, Baidu,

Please understand me.....will there be any age criteria in software - testing? now i am 37.i have completed Msc (elec).i got experience in marketing,one year in call center.can i try for s/w testing? please suggest.i am very mech interested in testing and i have good knowledge in testing also.....please suggest.

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frnds it took 7trs for me to complete my btech [ece] due to some financial problms...am i eligible to do masters in foreign trade pls advice me...

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when the currency is started to be used for transaction and by whom?

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Could you please give me brief details about Recruitment? 1---Organisation Chart 2---Requirement of persons in a company 3---Application Screening 4---Interview by HOD 5---Final Interview 6---Appointment Letter 7---Probation Period 8---Identification of trainning needs 9---Trainning provided 10--Assesment of training 11--Appraisal for completion of probation period 12--Confirmation

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How are you qualified for the position of Customs Inspector?

2 Answers   ABC,

How to check the memory failures in soalris?

0 Answers  

what are the transformations cannot used for mapplets?

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i am selected for S.B.I bank clerical interview plz send me model interview question for interview my mail id is souda_123@yahoo.co.in

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

sir i was studied M.Sc(tech) vlsi design couse in andhra university in between 2007 to 2010. but every vlsi company not considered to recruit of us. so many companies told that this course is not approved by ugc. actually andhra university is approved by ugc right> but why they are not offering any jobs for this couse. whatis wrong. please give me a good suggestin. is there any legal activity to put on my course and on the university. i felt that i lost 3 years time passed.

2 Answers   Wipro,