#define DCHAR char*
typedef char* TCHAR;

if using these following variables will be declared like
DCHAR ch1, ch2;
TCHAR ch3, ch4;

then what will be types of ch1, ch2, ch3 and ch4?

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Answer / shiva

ch1,ch3 and ch4 are char* types whiel ch2 is char type.
Please let me know if I am wrong.

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Answer / james holdcroft


DCHAR is a macro, which is expanded by the preprocessor.
TCHAR is a synonym for a pointer-to-char type.

After preprocessing, the code fragment expands to:

char* ch1, ch2;
TCHAR ch3, ch4;

which is perhaps more clearly written as:

char *ch1, ch2;
TCHAR ch3, ch4;

which is equivalent to:

char *ch1; char ch2;
char *ch3; char *ch4;

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Answer / sunil v r

char *

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Answer / guest

char *

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Answer / ashish

ch1 and ch2 are the char * and ch2 and ch4 are char type

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Answer / movemaker

^^All 4 will be char* types, why the hell would ch2 be char type like said above by Shiva . :P .

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