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the supreme court of india enunciated the basic structure
of the constitution in

the supreme court of india enunciated the basic structure of the constitution in..

Answer / anurag

keshavanand bharti v. uoi

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how long does it take to release the gratuity,after we quit the job?

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What do you know about Anti Rape Law?

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You are request to reply these quieries, are below mentioned statement are true? (1) Deduction in respect of maintenance including medical treatment of a dependent who is person of disability shall be allowed to a non resident in India. (2) Only 35% of income from growing and manufacturing of rubber is liable to tax. (3) A business loss can be setoff against income from speculation business but loss in respect of speculation business can only be set-off against income of another speculation business. (4) Remuneration received by Member of Parliament are taxable under the head “profit and gains from business or profession. (5) Zero coupon bond shall be treated as “short term capital asset” if held for more than 12 months but not more than 36 months.

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contempt of court places a restriction on?

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Hi I am Subhajit. I have joined MNC BPO in august 2020.In the probation I got an medical problem in my family so after 3 days when probation started I have to leave from from the company. I sent a resignation from my registered mailid to my recruiter. After 3 days their team reached out to me kindly inform us why are you absent from the job. I have sent the same resignation with date as attachment. In between somedays they may be contact me via phone but I did not get that calls and when I call back they did not pickup my phone. I have mailed again to the autherity to release me. Today they sent me a termination letter which is written that " Separation due to abondoned from services" . What should I do next?. Is this advarse effect on my carrier in any field? Is am so frastated

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The judge may give a lighter sentence than the victim and or community believe are fair. How you address the victim or community's concern regarding the sentence?

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explain the provisions relating to INTER CORPORATE LOANS AND INVESTMENTS:

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Is trust a type of contract?

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can i change the jurisdiction of assessing authority of the dealer

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