How to get ip address in jsp login page and how to validate
like all should not be greater than 255

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When using servlets to build the HTML, you build a DOCTYPE line, why do you do that?

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Explain the difference between a web server and a web container?

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What is a Proxy Server?

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What is a web container and what is its responsibility?

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Hi Friends, Suppose you have a web appliction which consists of 100 clients are connected with Connection pooling and they are associated with 100 connection objcet and connected with DB sever,Due some problem DB-Server suddenly crashed and server came to down state for a while after few minutes DB-server once again up,Now how will I manage my Pool Management with my 100 clients...can any one tell me??????????????????

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Difference between jakarta tomcat and apache Tomcat?

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What advantages do servlets have over CGI programs?

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What is the use of welcome-file-list?

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How to deal with multi-valued parameters in a servlet?

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What is servlet name in web xml?

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Which HTTP method is non-idempotent?

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which type of data passing is used in realtime?

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