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why do u want to join a government company

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / ashutosh kumar

there is a craze about MNCs. everyone wants to join the
private sector only due to attractive salary. but i want to
join public sector because it is not only private sector
which is contributing in the economy on india. public
sector is contributing at a large. i want to serve in the
public sector so that i can contrubute myself to make a
good outcome in the same.

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / sandeep dhingra

governament banks have huge contribution to economy its not
like only private banks r doing well in terms of
contributing to gdp and sbi which is the psu bank has larget
penetration as well as volumes in the banking sector .
moreover there is better opportunities to prove our
potential in the government sector banks where still there
is system of traditional banking environments and youngies
with new ideas can make good moves in the government sector
to make it more productive and efficient to grow with the
organization.and finally there more job security and more
facilities in the public sector

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / bharat khatri

Joining a government sector brings with it, huge amount of
opportunities, as in todays senerios not only the Private
sector is contributing towards country's economy but
government sectors has a larger share in the same. Public
sector banks have a huge contribution to the economy its
not only the private banks in terms of economic growth, SBI
again a PSU bank has the largest penetration as well as
volumes in the banking sector.
Moreover, in public sector banks we have a greater
opportunities to prove our young talent as there is a large
scope of inprovement in PSU banks where our young ideas can
help to make the working enviornment more customer centric
and helps to increase the revenue.
And finally of course public sector is attached with more
security and satisfactions.

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / shivendra kumar pandey

It has a major contribution in the development of economy
as well as social reforms.the private companies are majorly
concerned with profits , while pblic sector is concerned
for both profit as well as social alleviation. I feel i can
grow better in this enviornment ,as it has diversified
duties to perform and above all social responsibility

Shivendra , Delhi

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / jaya

Sir, I want to join public sector units bcouse govt always support and appreciate the area which are the basic needs of the nation, it support art, commerce & science sector which are necessory to develop a nation in long term perspective for no profit.By serving govt i can become the part of the govt. and can satisfy the aim of serving the society.

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / madhu

There are two reasons why I want to join a govt company. As
a child I always used to wonder why many peope prefer
private sector to public sector. The main reasons, I
understood as I grew up were the fat salary slips and the
lethargic image of typical govenment employees. As a
responsible young citizen, I want to change that image of a
public sector employee

Second, as a government employee, I can drive immense
satisfaction as I contribute directly for the growth and
development of the country

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / milind

I want to join government company because it has stability,
though you will not earn more like private sectors but your
life and job is secured.

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / siyaram gurjar

because when we select in gov. job then we adjust our
daily rutin life is fix such as our income because our
salary do not become less.(and we chose our life partnar in
a good family)and when we do gov. job which is better for
our childrens.

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / shivjilalchoudhary in india i am understand very usally in our life
because in these jobs worker work time to time so worker
does not lazy and done a good work then chance for get

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why do u want to join a government company..

Answer / priyanka

I want to join government company to secure my & my family
future nad to grow with the organization. Now public sector
is booming by merging with the private sector. Most public
sectors bank's shares are hold by private sector.

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