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Answer / rajasaheb

Because I want to explore better opportunities, want a
dynamic career in terms of technology and working environment.
You can also relate this answer with what you expect out of
this company and your long term career goals.

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can any one pls instuct me , to trace my hall ticket number from online , for the TNPSC exam which was held on feb 2009

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What are the importance of employee training and development in the organization?

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if a material tested by titration and finish test by HPLC we can prepare working standard by which method.

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Hi iam selected for allahabad po written... i will like to knw the domain and various questions that are asked. iam having my interview on 3rd jun 2009. please help with some previous mail id is

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If you were stranded on an island with unlimited food and water and could only bring 1 thing what would it be?

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Hire Purchase System and Installments System.

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why i am suitable for national physical laboratory

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hi, i have work experience in Call centers, where can i get a job if i come out of call center.

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I was been in the US before when my ex boyfriend petition a K1 visa but the relationship did not work so i went back to my country.Now i have a new boyfriend his American citizen can he still petition me for a K1 visa?

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sir i just join a cmm 5 level company i am mca 2008 and i want to know that what is the growth in gis field with in 1 or 2 years in term of salary package in india

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pls tell me how to introduce my self in a perfect way if the interviewr ask question tell something about ur self pls post answer with example as early as possible. about my self i completed my in the year 1999 afer that i joined in bdps computer inst i learned c,cpp,oracle,java,vb,ms office after completion of that i joined as a lab assistant in the same institute i worked there for 2 years after that i joined as a back end executive in a mnc general ins company for 2 years,about my family i have 3 brothers well setteld in the business my mother is house wife my father expired in a road accident this is my job,study and my family back ground now u pls tell me how tell this in interview in a perfect way.u pls post answer.

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during whose reign did the marathas reach maximum expansion

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