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Answer / doraichittybabu

sir, the insurance business is done through direct
marketing network and reference with the set of sales
managers and advisors,manging ,motivating and hiriring is a
continious process in insurance industry,i been working for
a automobile industry for a decade and i have on hand
experience in the particular feild of hiring,trannning and
moivatng which brings the productivity,and also promotinal
activities and prospecting on other hand,people management
and team development also are a primary KRI ,which am
confident i can handle.

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have anybody receive the appointment order from iob pls reply me

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what are points to be kept in mind while purchasing consumers for CSD?

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Hi, This is Siva who have applied for Syndicate Bank PO Posts.I still did not get any kind of information from them.If anyone have got the call for the interviews,please let me now.You can reach me on 9916357035 or send a mail to regards, Siva

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