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what is the present model of group1 and group 2 syllabus
plz send the link ?

what is the present model of group1 and group 2 syllabus plz send the link ?..

Answer / vijay

pls send me the group2 model paper to my mail id: as soon as plz..........

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what your view about-mismatched age marriage ??

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what is your name?

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Do you think yourself a goal oriented person? How !

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whom you love the most mom or dad ?

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The first public sector organization in India to employ public relations practice was: (1) BEL (2) BHEL (3) Indian Railway (4) HAL

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Communication through an informal structure is called (1) rumour (2) gossip (3) grapevine (4) control

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when will tamilnadu government announce exam date for drug inspector?

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The Indian news agency which made the news in recent months over change in ownership is: (1) PTI (2) UNIT (3) Samachar Bharathi (4) Times News

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May i know the whole syllabus of Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner exam conducted by UPSC.

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what is the age limit for upsc i am oc and born 1979

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A contact report is written by : (1) the receptionist (2) the company director (3) the personal secretary (4) the accounts executive

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Arial is an example for…… type face (1) Roman (2) Vertical sons serif (3) Text (4) Novelty

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