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EDS (Electronic Data Systems India Pvt Ltd) at Chennai on 16-12-2006.

EDS (Electronic Data Systems India Pvt Ltd) at Chennai on 16-12-2006...

Answer / guest

Hi Friends,
i gave a written test to EDS(Electronic
Data Systems India Pvt Ltd) at cathedral road Chennai on 16-
12-2006. this Company is too good.............i will tell u
the Selection procedue. i am happy to inform u that i got
selected in EDS..............
Before that noone would have heared bout EDS. Let me tell u
it is one of the Giants in IT industry with more than
1,30,000 employees.

No of Candidates written the test: 700
Shortlisted(written): 75
Final selection:24

the Selection procedure consists of.
3.Tech+hr(Note for some candidates they will split this

Totally 45 questions and time will be 30 min’s
it is somewat ok .. if u don prepare because questions
were like find how many 2's are present bet 1...1000 like.
Also apps+ reasoning questions combined..
Refer Barron's it will be helpful....

Second GD:(the main elimination round)

they will drill ur communication..... don talk too much at
the same time don be silent..... put up valuable points ...
Be careful... ur english shud be short and sweet...... don
make grammatical errors.... don stammer........

Tech + hr:
once if u clear the bove levels... its easy to get through
but depending upon ur academics you will be asked tech
questions...... Brush up with basics and talk boldly u will
get through for sure.....

Me: Excuse me, May I come in
Inter: Yes, Come
Me: I was standing and waiting for his permission to sit
Interviewer: Plz be seated
Me: Thank you
Int: So, tell me bout yourself and wat do u think ,which is
unique in you
Int: Can we go for tech question
Me: yes sir
int: tell me ur fav language
Me: java
Int: Oh,good! why do u like java?
Me: Powerful language
Int: How?
Me: answered
Int: what is jvm
Me: answered
Int: wat do u mean by wrapper class
Me: answered
Int:About project
Me: told…
Int: Some basic programming questions
Me: written
Int: Wat do u mean by log file
Me: don know
Int: diff b/w procedure oriented and OO
Me: Ans
Int: some OS questions
Me :ans
int : basic programs in java
Me: written
Int: Some more HR questions,about my college
Me: told
Int:U have any questions
Me: Asked
Int: tat’s all…. We wil get back to u….

At last they announced the results and am happy that I got

All the best!!!!!!!!!!! god bless u

Refer: GRE Barrons 7 th edition plus 13th Edition

AGGARWAL: Non Verbal Reasoning

TOEFL Books for Synonyms!

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