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what are the disadvantages of MVC architecture

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what are the disadvantages of MVC architecture..

Answer / sivadasan

The disadvantage of Struts is , it doesn't have backward

For example if you are in page-1 and if you want to go to
page-2 then have to call the Action Maping Object of Page-
2. At that time lot of parameters stores in your session.
In case if you want to go back to Page-1 then have to call
Action Mapping object of the Page-1. So now the parameters
will not get reverse.

To avoid this a new framework adde with Struts , that is
WFNM(Web Flow Naviagtion Manager).

I hope it will helpful

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what are the disadvantages of MVC architecture..

Answer / anjani kumar jha

There is no alternate of MVC......
So instead of looking the disadvantage look the positive
aspect of MVC...........

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what are the disadvantages of MVC architecture..

Answer / sdf

that the old-scool programmers loose their job.

All in all it could make things harder if your application
is small, recomend you google to find something about it.

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