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. The results of rising prices are

A. Decrease in economic activities

B. Adverse effect on balance of payment

C. Increase of inequalities

(1) All the above

(2) None of the above

(3) A & B only

(4) B & C only

. The results of rising prices are A. Decrease in economic activities B. Adverse effect on bal..

Answer / guest

( 4 ) B & C only

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. Malik Ambar fought against the Mughals during the reign of (1) Akbar (2) Jahangir (3) Shahjahan (4) Aurangzeb

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. The largest desert in the world is (1) Sahara (2) Thar (3) Gobi (4) Patagonia

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The ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution of India were adopted under the inspiration of (1) The French Revolution (2) The Russian Revolution (3) The American Declaration of Independence (4) The U.N.O. Charter

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Which of the following products provides the highest contribution to the Indian Government in the form of taxes? (1) Cigarettes (2) Liquor (3) Oil (4) Automobiles

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Who was responsible for putting an end to tyrannical ruled of Md-Bin-Tughlaq in the Deccan? (a) Prolaya Vema Reddy (b) Prolaya Nayaka (c) Pratapa Rudra (d) Rudrama Devi

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hello sir pls tell me the interview for polytechnic lecturers in mathematics(i.e syllabus)

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. The inter-state council with advise upon disputes between the states can be appointed by (1) The President (2) The Planning Commission (3) The Parliament (4) Any of these

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The partition of Bengal on 7th July 1905 led to the growth of a movement known as: (a) Quit India (b) Vandemataram (c) Swadeshi movement (d) Dandi movement

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. Deforestation results in which of the following? (1) Drought (2) Floods (3) Soil erosion (4) All of these

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Who married the daughter of Rudradaman? (a) Satakarni (b) Pulamai (c) Hala (d) Yagnasri

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. Regional rural banks started functioning in India in: (1) 1970 (2) 1971 (3) 1973 (4) 1975

1 Answers   SSC,

Which of the following frits is a berry? (1) Banana (2) Mango (3) Pineapple (4) Orange

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