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. The stock of commodities held by the nationals of a
country at a point of time is the:

(1) National wealth

(2) National resources

(3) National income

(4) Per-capita income

. The stock of commodities held by the nationals of a country at a point of time is the: (1) Nat..

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( 1 ) National wealth

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The passage of a money bill may be delayed by the Rajya Sabha for a maximum period of (1) Ten days (2) Fourteen days (3) Fifteen days (4) One month

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. The south west-monsoon starts in the (1) Month of May-June (2) Month of Nov.-January (3) Month of Feb.-March (4) 1 & 2

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Muhammad Quli Qutub was a great builder he builds (a) Charminar (b) Jami Masjid (c) Chananamahal (d) All the above

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. Community development is organised on basis of: (1) Rural communities (2) Religious communities (3) Caste communities (4) None of the above

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First Capital of Reddy Kingdom was: (a) Kondaveedu (b) Addanki (c) Rajamandry (d) None

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Immadi Narasimha belongs to: (a) The Sangama dynasty (b) The Saluva dynasty (c) The Tuluva dynasty (d) Aravidu dynasty

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. The Pallavas were the patrons of (1) Pali literature (2) Prakrit literature (3) Sanskrit literature (4) Tamil literature

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Din-I-Ilahi wag (1) An idea (2) Akbar’s religion (3) A mosque (4) Aurangzeb’s policy

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The Political suffers in Andhra during the ‘Vande Mataram’ movement: (a) D. Harisarvothama Rao and Bodi Narayana Rao (b) G. Harisarvotham Rao and K. Laxhmana Rao (c) Gurajda Appa Rao and Veeresalingam (d) None

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. One of the main cause of defeat of Marathas against Abdali was (1) Maratha’s supply lines out (2) Abdali had superior armed forces (3) Abdali was better commander (4) Marathas were short of finances

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. The Election Commission is constituted (1) Every five years (2) Every ten years (3) Every six years (4) It is permanent constitutional body

4 Answers   IAS, RRC Railway Recruitment Cell,

Who is the Chairman of the 12th Finance Commission of India? (1) A.M. Khusro (2) Dr. V.V. Desai (3) Dr. C. Rangarajan (4) P.R. Panchmukhi

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