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. The measurement of poverty line is based on the criterion of

(1) Their dwelling houses

(2) The nature of employment

(3) Caloric consumption

(4) The level of education

. The measurement of poverty line is based on the criterion of (1) Their dwelling houses (2) T..

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( 3 ) Caloric consumption

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Which district is mostly covered by red soil? (a) Srikakulam (b) Visakhapatnam (c) Both A & B (d) None

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Please provide me the previous question papersfor AEE I&CAD entrence papers

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. The Turkish rule in India began after (1) Defeat of the Chauhan Ruler, Prithviraj Chauhan (2) Muhammad of Ghazni’s first attack (3) Muhammad Ghori’s attack (4) All the above

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. The Oath of office is conducted to the president by (1) The Speaker of Lok Sabha (2) The Chief Justice of India (3) The Vice-President of India (4) None of the above

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Nanda dynasty was founded by (a) Vishnunanda (b) Mahananda (c) Mahapadmananda (d) Chandragupta

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From which Constitution did we borrow the provision concerning the suspension of Fundamental Rights during the proclamation of National Emergency? (1) The Irish Constitution (2) The German Constitution (3) The Constitution of Canada (4) The Constitution of the USSR

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Krishnadeva Raya was a follower of: (a) Vaisnavism (b) Shivism (c) Jainism (d) Buddism

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The Mother Teresa International Award has been conferred first on (1) Atal Behari Vajpayee (2) K.R. Narayana (3) Jyothi Basi (4) Jaipal Reddy

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The most abundantly found metal in the human body is (1) Iron (2) Sodium (3) Calcium (4) Magnesium

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Sankaracharya belongs to the period of : (a) Chalukyas (b) Rastrakutas (c) Sathavahanas (d) None

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. The results of rising prices are A. Decrease in economic activities B. Adverse effect on balance of payment C. Increase of inequalities (1) All the above (2) None of the above (3) A & B only (4) B & C only

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. Rudramba was a daughter of (1) Mahadeva (2) Ganapathideva (3) Pratarudra (4) Rudradeva

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