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. Dividend is payable on

(1) Fixed deposits

(2) Shares

(3) Bill of exchange

(4) Current accounts

. Dividend is payable on (1) Fixed deposits (2) Shares (3) Bill of exchange (4) Current ..

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( 2 ) Shares

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. Which of the following can be the ground to remove the Judge of the supreme court (1) Provide misbehaviour of incapacity (2) Giving judgement against the government (3) Giving opinion on the Bill pending in Lok Sabha (4) None

1 Answers  

. Shivaji assumed the title of Chhatrapati in the year (1) 1665 (2) 1666 (3) 1670 (4) 1672

3 Answers   Indian Railways,

Bhagyanagar was constructed in: (a) 1456 (b) 1565 (c) 1589 (d) 1676

1 Answers  

. The Bombay High is (1) A mountain peak in western Ghats (2) An offshore oil drilling area (3) A water fall (4) A seal port

1 Answers  

. Who among the following was not a slave before he became a king (1) Qutub-ud-din Aibak (2) Iltutmish (3) Ala-ud-din Khilji (4) Balban

4 Answers   Heinz,

. Who were the famous poets during Kakatiyas period (1) Tikkana (2) Palkurki Somanatha (3) Vidhyanatha (4) All the three

1 Answers  

. Which of the attributes of personality is not true of Babur? (1) He was a first-rate poet and his Divan is an outstanding work of poetry (2) He gradually became a first-rate general through a long career of military defeats, adventurous wanderings and contact with diverse war-like races (3) He was an able administrator and much improved the administrative machinery of the Sultanate of Delhi which had crumbled under his onslaught (4) All the above statements are true

1 Answers  

. The first Vice Chanceller of Andhra University (1) S. Radha Krishnan (2) K. Ramalinga Reddy (3) Bullaiah (4) Harisarvothama Rao

1 Answers  

. The biggest state in India is (1) U.P. (2) M.P. (3) Bihar (4) A.P.

8 Answers   Oracle,

The Vishnukundins originated from: (a) Rajamundry (b) Amaravathi (c) Jaggaiah peta (d) Vinukonda (Guntur Dist.)

1 Answers  

According to the Constitution of India, the freedom to form association may be restricted in the interest of (1) The security of India (2) Friendly relations with foreign countries (3) Contempt of court (4) Public order

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The Qutub Shahi ruler who was defeated by Krishnadevaraya was (a) Subhan Quli (b) Jamshed Quli (c) Ibrahim Quli (d) Quli Qutub Shah

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