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. Which of the following states has a separate constitution

(1) Jammu and Kashmir

(2) Sikkim

(3) Nagaland

(4) Meghalaya

. Which of the following states has a separate constitution (1) Jammu and Kashmir (2) Sikkim ..

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( 1 ) Jammu and Kashmir

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In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court declare Judicial Review as a basic feature of the Indian Constitution? (1) Minerva Mills vs. the Union of India (2) Balaji vs. the State of Mysore (3) Golaknath vs. the State of Punjab (4) Keshavananda Bharati vs. the State of Kerala

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. One of the problems in finding out correctly the National Income in India is: (1) Low savings (2) Inflation (3) Under-employment (4) Non-monetized consumption

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The ‘Indika’ was written by (a) Seleukas (b) Chanakya (c) Megasthenes (d) Hala

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. The maximum effect of direct taxes is on (1) Price of food (2) Income (3) Capital goods (4) Consumer goods

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Ibrahim Qutub Patronised the following (a) Ponneganti Telagadhara Kavi (b) Addanki Gangadhra Kavi (c) Gopanna Kavi (d) A & B

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. The Grand Trunk Road was built by (1) Akbar (2) Shershah (3) Babar (4) Shahjahan

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The sex of a child is determined by the (1) Chromosomes of the father (2) Chromosomes of the mother (3) Rh factor of the parents (4) Blood group of the father

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Who was the commander in Chief of Manumasiddi? (a) Brahma Rudrayya (b) Biyyana (c) Brahmanaidu (d) Malideva

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. Green revolution is mostly successful in (1) Ludhiana (Punjab) (2) Tamilnadu (3) Maharashtra (4) A.P.

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Marcopolo visited Orugallu during the regime of: (a) Rudrama Devi (b) Pola Raja-II (c) Pratapa Rudra (d) Ganapathideva

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. Which one of the following is cash crop? (1) Paddy (2) Cotton (3) Wheat (4) Jawar

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