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. The right to private property in India today is

(1) A moral right

(2) A legal right

(3) A fundamental right

(4) A political right

. The right to private property in India today is (1) A moral right (2) A legal right (3) A..

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( 2 ) A legal right

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Din-I-Ilahi wag (1) An idea (2) Akbar’s religion (3) A mosque (4) Aurangzeb’s policy

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Ramayana and Mahabharata are called : (a) Puranas (b) Itihasas (c) Vedas (d) None

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Who of the following has been appointed the Prime Minister of Nepal four times? (1) Girija Prasd Koirala (2) B.P. Koirala (3) M.P. Koirala (4) K.P. Bhattarai

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Who was the last Governor General of India (1) Rajaji (2) Lord Mountbatten (3) Rajendra Prasad (4) Mavlankar

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Who is the chairman of APSRTC

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. The most wonderful results of Green Revolution in the case of paddy (in Andhra Pradesh) were obtained in (1) Nellore Dist. (2) West Gadavari Dist. (3) East Gadavari Dist. (4) Guntur Dist.

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. Boghazkoti is important because (1) It is known as a significant trading center between Central Asia and Tibet (2) Inscriptions found here mention the name of the Vedic gods and goddesses (3) The original text of the Vedas was composed here (4) It was a trade center during the Sangam Age

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Purvamimsa is written by: (a) Barayana (b) Jaimini (c) Patanjali (d) Sankara

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. Rana Sanga was defeated by Babar in the battle of (1) Panipat (2) Kanauj (3) Ghagra (4) Khanwa

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. The salary of the president of India per month is (1) Rs. 50,000 (2) Rs. 15,000 (3) Rs. 20,000 (4) Rs. 30,000

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Gautama Buddha belonged to …… dynasty (a) Sakya (b) Jataka (c) Salankayana (d) None

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. The purpose of imposing tax is primarily to: (1) Check accumulation of wealth (2) Decrease black money (3) Restrict flow of money (4) Finance the government

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