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Indian Airlines Interview Questions
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Why do you want to work in this industry?

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I have to give interviews in various airlines for cabin Crew.So,plz tell me abt various ques. Which r expected by Them

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Why do you want to become an airhostess?

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P?s father is Q?s son. M is the paternal uncle of P and N is the brother of Q. How is N related to M ? (1) Brother (2) Nephew (3) Cousin (4) Data inadequate (5) None of these

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The Minimum age for a person to be elected as a member of Rajya Sabha is (a) 25 years (b) 30 years (c) 35 years (d) No age fixed

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Telecom Company Nokia belongs to with country? 1 Denmark 2 USA 3 Sweden 4 Finland

19 25027

what special aspects of your work experience have prepared you for overseas jobs ?

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Can you describe for me one or two of your most important accomplishments ?

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. Fahien visited India during the reign of (1) Chandra Gupta Maurya (2) Harsha (3) Chandra Gupta II (4) Kanishka

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. Where was the capital of Kanishka? (1) Purushapura (2) Kandhar (3) Taxila (4) Kannauj

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which is the largest hotel chain in india? which is the leading airline s in india and the world ?

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why do you choose this company?

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What are the Testing types can Follow for Web application Project ?Please Help me .....Urgent ....

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How do u define Success? and what does it mean to you?

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