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. The maping of which of the following most difficult ?

(1) Mountains

(2) Plateaus and Plains

(3) Interior of the Earth

(4) Oceans and their depth

. The maping of which of the following most difficult ? (1) Mountains (2) Plateaus and Plains ..

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( 3 ) Interior of the Earth

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. A state PSC members resigns by writing a letter addressed to the (1) President (2) U.P.S.C. Chairman (3) Governor (4) Chief Minister

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. Krishnadevaraya belonged to (1) Saluva dynasty (2) Tuluva dynasty (3) Aravidu dynasty (4) Sangama dynasty

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. Who is called the Indian Napolean? (1) Chandragupta Maurya (2) Ashoka (3) Harsha (4) Samudra Gupta

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hello iam neeha.i want to appear for APPSC-Industrial Promotion officer post(2012) it is my 1st attempt in govt exam.i have completed engineering. paper I G.S--how to prepare? is tata mcgraw hill gs manual book enough? and for paper-II ->diploma level applied sciences(maths,phy,chem) means ...what material i should refer & how to prepare...iam worried abt paper-II first! got only 4 months left for the exam!!!

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The important event of the civil administration of Devaraya I was (a) Constructed tanks (b) Beautified Vijayanagara (c) Constructed dam across Tungabhadra river (d) Excavated many Canals

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. The Emergency automatically suspends (1) Fundamental rights under Article 19 (2) The powers of the Governors (3) The Powers of the Courts (4) None of these

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Who wrote “Kanya Sulkam” ? (a) Guruzada Appa Rao (b) Chilakamarthi (c) Veeresalingam (d) Duggirala

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Which of the following is the title of Rajendra Chola? (1) Gangaikonda (2) Singhalantaka (3) Telinga Kula Kala (4) Kadarangonda

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Which organization was participated in Pedanandi Padu incidents? (a) Santi sena (b) Ramadandu (c) Bala Bharathi (d) Yuva sena

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. Equinox refers to (1) The day on which the sun shines vertically over the tropic of Capricorn (2) The day when day and night are of equal duration (3) The phenomenon which occur in a leap year (4) None

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The main cause for the Rekapalli rebellion was? (a) Restrictions levied on the Podu cultivation (b) Exploitiation of the money-lenders (c) Restrictions levied on drawing toddy (d) None

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. Humayun was born in 1508 AD at (1) Agra (2) Badakhshan (3) Kabul (4) Lahore

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