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. A candidate to the membership of the Lok Sabha should not
be less than

(1) 2 years

(2) 25 years

(3) 30 years

(4) 35 years

. A candidate to the membership of the Lok Sabha should not be less than (1) 2 years (2) 25 y..

Answer / guest

( 2 ) 25 years

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. The signature on one-rupee currency notes in India is that of the: (1) Governor, Reserve Bank of India (2) The Secretary, Ministry of Finance (3) The Finance Minister of India (4) The President

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. Lord Dalhousie annexed Jhansi (1) By military force (2) Under the doctrine of lapse and adoption (3) On the ground of mismanagement (4) By Assignment

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The Dutch settlements in Andhra were ? (a) Masula and Narasapur (b) Narasapur and Diu (c) Masula and Golkonda (d) Golkonda and Narasipatnam

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Founder of Kakatiya dynasty: (a) Prola Raju (b) Beta Raju (c) Gundyana (d) Rudradeva

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Vikrama era was founded in (a) 73 A.D. (b) 58 B.C. (c) 70 B.C. (d) 80 B.C.

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. Which Article deals with Emergency (1) 356 (2) 368 (3) 372 (4) 370

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. Which one is not the function of the Parliament ? (1) To make laws of the need arise (2) To pass bills (3) To recommend the appointment of Governors (4) To impeach judges

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The partition of Bengal on 7th July 1905 led to the growth of a movement known as: (a) Quit India (b) Vandemataram (c) Swadeshi movement (d) Dandi movement

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what is the syllabus for assistant motor vehicle inspectors in atransport subordinate service,a.p.p.s.c.

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. The climate characteristics of which of the following natural regions is high temperature and high rainfall all through the year? (1) Equatorial (2) Mediterranean (3) Hot desert (4) Monsoon

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Sir am writing aso(assistant statistical)exam first time ,so please send me privious papears,and syllabus. my mail id is

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