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. The president can be impeached for

(1) Violating the constitution

(2) Disregarding parliament

(3) For not taking the Prime Minister’s advice

(4) All the above

. The president can be impeached for (1) Violating the constitution (2) Disregarding parliamen..

Answer / guest

( 1 ) Violating the constitution

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The prestigious Dr. Nayudamma memorial Award 2000 was announced on 24 October, 2001. Who got it? (1) Dr. V.K. Atre (2) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (3) Dr. P. Chidambaram (4) Dr. U.R. Rao

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The first widow remarriage in Andhra was celebrated in the year (a) 1881 (b) 1885 (c) 1865 (d) 1887

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. Dravidians are represented by (1) The Andhras (2) The Tamilians (3) The Kanadians and the Malayalis (4) All the above

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. The First Five-Year Plan in India placed emphasis on: (1) Industrial development (2) Solution of unemployment problem (3) Rapid development of Housing and power (4) Agriculture and Irrigation

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. Malik Kafur was a trusted general of (1) Ala-Ud-din-Khilji (2) Feroz Tughlaq (3) Iltutmish (4) Changez Khan

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What was the immediate impact of the partition of Bengal in 1905? (a) Birth of swadeshi movement (b) Birth of Vandemataram movement (c) Both a and b (d) Birth of extreme nationalism

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. The signatories to Panchasheel declaration were (1) India and Burma (2) India and Pakistan (3) India and China (4) India and Russia

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at what time period voter i.d's are introduced in india

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Who of the following ministers of the Nizam of Hyderabad was a lover of art and literature? (1) Mir Alam (2) Muneer-ul-Mulk (3) Salarjung-I (4) Salarjung-III

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i am swathi i have cleared the amvi written exam and i have recently got the LMV licence and i dont have experience IN LMV but i have 3 yrs experience in two i eligible for this post.can anybody plz inform me as early as possible bcoz i have certificates verification on 27 of dis month

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The enzyme present in human saliva is (1) Rennin (2) Protease (3) Amylase (4) Lipase

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. Chand Bibi was the ruler of (1) Ahmadnagar (2) Bijapur (3) Khandesh (4) Aligarh

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