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. Shivaji visited Hyderabad during the period of

(1) Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah

(2) Abdulla Qutb Shah

(3) Abdul Hasan

(4) Ibrahim

. Shivaji visited Hyderabad during the period of (1) Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah (2) Abdulla Qutb ..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Abdul Hasan

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0 Answers   APPSC,

Which of the following elements is obtained from sea-weeds? (1) Sulphur (2) Vanadium (3) Iodine (4) Argon

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The editor of Andhra Prakasika (a) M. Krishna Rao (b) Veeresalingam (c) A.C. Parthasarathi Naidu (d) Nyapati Subba Rao

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. The most abundant element in the sun’s atmosphere is (1) Orgon (2) Hydrogen (3) Krypton (4) Neon

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Which of the following dynasties belong to Brahmin caste: (a) Pallavas (b) Salankayanas (c) Kadambas (d) All the three

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. The Supreme court originally consisted of a Chief Justice of India and not more than (1) 7 other judges (2) 14 other judges (3) 18 other judges (4) 17 other judges

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A liquid metal is (1) Mercury (2) Aluminium (3) Sodium (4) Cadmium

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. Chirapunji is situated in (1) Manipur (2) Meghalaya (3) Assam (4) Orissa

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Who was the first C.M. of Hyderabad State ? (a) N. Sanjiva Reddy (b) B. Rama Krishna Rao (c) Sanjeevayya (d) T. Prakasam

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. When a bill is presented to the President he (1) May refuse to sign it (2) May send it back for reconsideration (3) May change certain causes on the Bill (4) Has to sign it ultimately

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