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. The Prime Minister must be a member of

(1) Lok Sabha

(2) Rajya Sabha

(3) Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

(4) None

. The Prime Minister must be a member of (1) Lok Sabha (2) Rajya Sabha (3) Both Lok Sabha a..

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( 1 ) Lok Sabha

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If a refrigerator is opened inside a closed room then (1) The temperature of the room falls (2) The temperature of the room remains the same (3) The temperature of the room will increase (4) None of the will happen

1 Answers  

Which of the following is used in cancer therapy? (1) Cobalt 60 (2) Iodine127 (3) Phosphorus 31 (4) Magnesium 12

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The largest ground-nut producer in the world is (1) India (2) Sudan (3) Brazil (4) China

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Which one of the following religion was developed by the Satavahanas (a) Jainism (b) Buddhism (c) Brahminism (d) None

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. The council of Ministers is responsible to (1) The Prime Minister (2) The President (3) The people (4) The Parliament

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Divan is a: (a) Chief officer of the State (b) The Prime Minister of the Nizam (c) A Chief officer of a City (d) B & C

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Founder of the dynasty of the Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi : (a) Vimala Diya (b) Chalukya Bhima (c) Kubja Vishnuvardhana (d) None

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Source of the Brihatpalayana’s history was: (a) 13th rock edict of Ashoka (b) Copper plate found at Kondamudi (near Tenali) (c) Both A and B (d) None

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. The ore of aluminium is (1) Haematite (2) Laterite (3) Bauxite (4) All the above

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The Italion traveler who visited and stayed in the court of Devaraya II was (a) Domingo Paes (b) Nicolo deconti (c) Nuniz (d) None

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Who discovered first Sea route to India to carry on trade? (a) Portuguese sailor Vascodigama (b) Marcopolo (c) Alexander (d) None

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. Rhinoceros are found in the state of (1) M.P. (2) A.P. (3) Assam (4) Gujarat

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