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. The winter rain in Madras is caused by

(1) South-West Monsoon

(2) North east Monsoon

(3) Chinnook

(4) All the above

. The winter rain in Madras is caused by (1) South-West Monsoon (2) North east Monsoon (3) ..

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( 2 ) North east Monsoon

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The battle in which the Vijayanagara Kingdom ended: (a) Tallikota (b) Panipat (c) Bijapur (d) None

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Which, according to Bala Gangadhar Tilak, is the original home of the Aryans? (1) Austria-Hungary (2) The Arctic Region (3) Sapta Sindhu (4) Central Asia

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Chemically, water is a/an (1) Hydride (2) Oxide (3) Hydroxide (4) Peroxide

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. Which of the following is regarded as a perennial crop? (1) Maize (2) Rice (3) Wheat (4) Sugarcane

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. Which of the following statements is not true of the Indus Valley Civilization? (1) The people enjoyed the amenities of a developed city life (2) Their chief deities appear to have been Mother Goddess and the prototype of Siva (3) They knew of iron and defensive armour (4) The worship of images was prevalent

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. Dravidians are represented by (1) The Andhras (2) The Tamilians (3) The Kanadians and the Malayalis (4) All the above

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. The coldest planet is (1) Mars (2) Jupiter (3) Venus (4) Pluto

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Mahabalipuram was built by (a) Narasimha Varma-I (b) Mahendra Varma (c) Rajasimha (d) Narasimha varma-II

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The great Singer Tansen was in the court of (a) Shersha (b) Shahjahan (c) Humayun (d) Akbar

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Hi,Viwes any body tell me how to prepare for DAO and which books is best for it?

1 Answers   Genpact,

Alexander defeated Porus in the battle of (1) Pushkalavathi (2) Taxila (3) Hydapses (4) Rajgriha

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The length of a rectangular field is 21 m longer than its breadth. If the area of the field is 196 m2, then the length of the field is (1) 22 m (2) 28 m (3) 32 m (4) 16 m

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