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. Atmospheric pressure is shown on maps by

(1) Isopleths

(2) Isohyets

(3) Isobars

(4) Isotherms

. Atmospheric pressure is shown on maps by (1) Isopleths (2) Isohyets (3) Isobars (4) Is..

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( 3 ) Isobars

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The first widow remarriage in India was celebrated in the year (a) 1856 (b) 1857 (c) 1858 (d) 1884

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Mangalagiri is a seat of: (a) Narasimha Swamy (b) Panakala Swamy (c) Siva (d) Kumara Swamy

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. Which of the following physical processes releases heat energy? (1) Completion of hydrological cycle (2) Melting of snow (3) Vapour changes into water (4) Water changes into vapour

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Hi All, This is Suri. I am one of Govt Job Aspirant. I am going to write DAO(divisional accounts officer), can u plz provide me the material(suggest me some links) and Exam dates. Thanks in advance, suri.

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The early Chlukyan Kingdom was (a) Pulakesin II (b) Kirtivarman (c) Vishnuvardhana (d) Kubja Vishnuvardhana

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. The Vice-President of India is (1) Appointed by the President (2) Elected by the people (3) Elected by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (4) Elected by State Legislatures

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The most important seaport of the Reddi period was (a) Krishnapatnam (b) Motupalli (c) Ghantasala (d) None

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hi every one,i am rehana doing B.tech3rd year in computer science.i am interested to attempt the groups exams so i just want to know the information about these exams.can you please help suggest me what type of preparation is needed for these exams, and which group is eligible for me........

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Who was the author of the “Mala Palli”? (a) Guruzada (b) Unnava Lakshmi Narayana (c) Kodali Anjeneyulu (d) Jashuva

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. The highest percentage of irrigation is enjoyed by Punjab. The lowest percentage of irrigation is in (1) Bihar (2) Tamil Nadu (3) Gujarat (4) A.P.

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If a refrigerator is opened inside a closed room then (1) The temperature of the room falls (2) The temperature of the room remains the same (3) The temperature of the room will increase (4) None of the will happen

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