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. The biggest coral Reef is found in

(1) India

(2) America

(3) Australia

(4) Persia

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. The biggest coral Reef is found in (1) India (2) America (3) Australia (4) Persia..

Answer / megha


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. The biggest coral Reef is found in (1) India (2) America (3) Australia (4) Persia..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Australia

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. The Dandi march is associated with (1) Communal riot (2) No. tax agitation (3) Quit India Movement (4) Civil disobedience Movement

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. Kazi Ranga Sanctury is in the state of (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Assam (3) U.P. (4) Bihar

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. What is the predominant type of Indian agriculture? (1) Commercial agriculture (2) Extensive agriculture (3) Plantation agriculture (4) Subsistence agriculture

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During whose reign the Reddi kingdom witnessed the downfall? (a) Allada Reddi (b) Kumaragiri Reddi (c) Racha Vema Reddi (d) Anavema Reddi

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The author of the Vandemataram Song was (a) Prem Chand (b) Bankin Chandra Chatterjee (c) Surendranath Chatterjee (d) Rabindranth Tagore

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The authority of issue writs for he enforcement of fundamental Rights rests with (1) All the Courts of India (2) The Parliament (3) The Supreme Court (4) The President of India

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The 79th Constitutional Amendment Act is related to (1) Information Technology (2) Allowing foreign companies into capital markets (3) Reservation of 33% of seats for women in legislatures (4) Extension of reservation for SCs and STs in legislatures

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Can we prepare Group-I & Group-II exams from home with out going to any coaching center

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The first women to donate Jewellary to Tilak Swaraj fund was: (a) C. Maganti Annapurnamma (b) Sarojini Naidu (c) Poorna Tilakam (d) D. Subbamma

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. Which of the following are the state level agencies of administration (1) Secretariat (2) Local bodies (3) Heads of departments (4) Collectors

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Founder of Kakatiya dynasty was: (a) Rudrama Devi (b) Gundyana (c) Polaraja II (d) None

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. Which of the following statements is not true of the Indus Valley Civilization? (1) The people enjoyed the amenities of a developed city life (2) Their chief deities appear to have been Mother Goddess and the prototype of Siva (3) They knew of iron and defensive armour (4) The worship of images was prevalent

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