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. Mount Abu is famous for

(1) Bilwara Jain Temple

(2) Viswanat Temple

(3) Surya Temple

(4) None

. Mount Abu is famous for (1) Bilwara Jain Temple (2) Viswanat Temple (3) Surya Temple (..

Answer / guest

( 1 ) Bilwara Jain Temple

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. The largest units of Coir industry are located in (1) Gujarat (2) Kerala (3) A.P. (4) Tamilnadu

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. It is believed that capital city of empire of Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya was (1) Lpatliputra (2) Ujjain (3) Nalanda (4) Allahabad

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The importance of the Kotappakonda case was (a) Created a deep ill feeling towards the British rule among the people (b) Cheena Reddi became a hero (c) Police constables were murdered in cold blood (d) Tyranny of the revenue officials

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. The main objectives of the V Five Year Plan were: (1) Self-reliance and repayment of all external loans (2) Expansion of exports and provision of minimum needs to all the poor (3) Removal of poverty and stability of economy (4) Removal of poverty and full employment

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. The book ‘Kamasutra’ was written by (1) Hala (2) Rajasekhara (3) Vatsyayana (4) Nagarjuna

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. Who is called “Father of Indian unrest” (1) Mahatma Gandhi (2) Lala Lajapathi Roy (3) Raja Rammohan Roy (4) Bal Gangadar Tilak

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. Who is the first Law officer of the Government of India? (1) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (2) Minister of law in the union Government (3) Attorney General of India (4) None

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The Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution was headed by (1) B.N. Rau (2) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (3) K.M. Munshi (4) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

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Can we prepare Group-I & Group-II exams from home with out going to any coaching center

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. Rajendra Chola’s greatest achievement was in the field of (1) Architecture (2) Development of naval power (3) Literature (4) Painting

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The salankayans patronized (a) Jainism (b) Saivism (c) Buddhism (d) Vaisnavism

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Which foreign country established business center in South India during the reign of the Satavahanas and the Ikshavakus (a) Rome (b) Greece (c) U.K. (d) None

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