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. “Kudremukh project” is in the state of

(1) Maharashtra

(2) M.P.

(3) Karnataka

(4) Tamilnadu

. “Kudremukh project” is in the state of (1) Maharashtra (2) M.P. (3) Karnataka (4) ..

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( 3 ) Karnataka

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. The president of India can declare (1) National Emergency (2) Constitutional Emergency (3) Financial Emergency (4) All the three types of emergencies

2 Answers  

. The Fundamental Rights have been incorporated in part (1) 8 (2) 2 (3) 3 (4) 4

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. Average per capita earning is the highest in (1) Haryana (2) West Bengal (3) Orissa (4) Tamil Nadu

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. Which one of the following is a type of planetary wind? (1) Sea breeze (2) Torndoes (3) Monsoons (4) Westerlies

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Who wrote ‘Kanya Sulkam’ Social drama: (a) Kodali Anjaneyulu (b) Veeresalingam (c) Chilakamarthy (d) Guruzada Appa Rao

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Who appoints the Chief Minister of a State? (1) The Governor (2) The Speaker (3) The President of India (4) The Governor in consultation with the Speaker

6 Answers   Government, RRB,

Who organised the Bipin Chandrapal tour in Andhra? (a) Mutunuri Krishna Rao (b) K. Venkata Ramana Rao (c) K. Hanumantha Rao (d) None

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Jainism was founded by: (a) Rishabha (b) Parsvanath (c) Mahavira (d) None

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Who translated the lecturers of Bipin Chandrapal? (a) Gurajada Appa Rao (b) Chilakamarthi Lakshmi Narasimham (c) Veeresalingam Panthulu (d) Nyayapati Subba Rao

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Algae come under the division (1) Thallophyta (2) Bryophyta (3) Pteridophyta (4) Gymnosperm

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. Aurangzeb had to face toughest opposition from (1) Marathas (2) Jats (3) Sikhs (4) None

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A well-known Indian diplomat and statesman, Mr. B.K. Nehru died recently. Which of the following is not true about him? (1) He wrote a book titled “Nice Guys Finish Second” (2) He served as the Indian Ambassador to the USA (3) He was an ICS cadre officer and not in the foreign service cadre (4) He was the younger brother of Motilal Nehru

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