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. Cotton mills are mostly concentrated in

(1) Maharashtra and Gujarat

(2) Kerala

(3) Rajasthan

(4) Karnataka

. Cotton mills are mostly concentrated in (1) Maharashtra and Gujarat (2) Kerala (3) Rajast..

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( 1 ) Maharashtra and Gujarat

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. The most renewed literary genius of Akbar’s reign was (1) Faizi (2) Abul Fazi (3) Abdul Qadir (4) Nagib-Khan

2 Answers  

Who established anicuts across the Godavari and Krishna rivers? (a) Charles brown (b) Thomas Munro (c) Sir Arthur Cotton (d) Charles Metcalf

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. Which of the following is NOT a Directive Principles of State Policy? (1) Equal pay for men and women for equal work (2) Enforcement of prohibition (3) Abolition of prostitution (4) Promotion of inter-national peace

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. Which characteristics of Indian economy made it under developed? A. Per capita income low B. High percentage of food in consumption expenditure C. Preponderance of agriculture (1) A only (2) A and C only (3) A, B and C (4) None of the above

3 Answers   Reliance,

Sri V.S. Naipaul won the Nobel Prize for Literature this year. Which of the following novels is not authored by Naipaul? (1) The Mystic Masseur (2) A House of Mr. Biswas (3) Miguel Street (4) English August

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A constitutional functionary in India who can take part in the proceedings of either House of the Parliament is (1) The Chief Election Commissioner (2) The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (3) The Vice President of India (4) The Attorney General of India

2 Answers  

hi i am parvathi , applied for amvi, detailed notification issued on 30.12.2008, but it is found that that a GO dated 19.02.2009 is incorporated in the detailed notification. How it is possible for appsc officials? and recently rejected about 300 candidates candidature, contact me on 9440903265

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Mangalagiri is a seat of: (a) Narasimha Swamy (b) Panakala Swamy (c) Siva (d) Kumara Swamy

1 Answers  

Which of the following countries is the largest importer from India? (1) USA (2) Candada (3) Russia (4) Germany

1 Answers  

. Which of the following is the most important raw material for generation of power in India? (1) Coal (2) Mineral Oil (3) Natural Gas (4) Uranium

6 Answers   IB Intelligence Bureau, NPSC,

. First Karnataka war was between (1) Marathas and Nizam (2) Marathas and Mughals (3) Marathas and Haidar Ali (4) None

4 Answers  

The largest rice producing state in India is (1) West Bengal (2) Kerala (3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Bihar

27 Answers   BDA, IXL, TCS, UPPSC Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission,