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. Sandol wood industry is developed in

(1) Andhra Pradesh

(2) Tamilnadu

(3) Karnataka

(4) Kerala

. Sandol wood industry is developed in (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Tamilnadu (3) Karnataka (4..

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( 3 ) Karnataka

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Who’s coins testify maritime power of Satavahanas: (a) Pulamai-II (b) Gautamiputra Satakarni (c) Krishna (d) Satakarni

1 Answers  

The court poet of Prataparudradeva was (a) Vidyanatha (b) Marana (c) Pothana (d) Srinatha

1 Answers  

. Which port is handling about one fourth of the country’s foreign trade? (1) Bombay (2) Kandla (3) Cochin (4) Madras

1 Answers  

Krishnadeva Raya carried on trade with: (a) The Duth (b) The Portuguese and the Arabs (c) The Britishers (d) Chinese

1 Answers  

Dhanush, test-fired on 11th April, 2000 from the Orissa coast is a (1) Ship-to air missile (2) Ship-to ship missile (3) Ship-to ground missile (4) Missile of only 100 km range

2 Answers  

Who took the title ‘Tribhu Vanamalla’ in Kakatiyas rulers? (a) Prola-II (b) Beta-II (c) Rudradeva (d) Mahadeva

1 Answers  

. The rock-cut temples at Mahabolipuram were built during the reign of (1) Chalukyas (2) Cholas (3) Pallavas (4) Satvahanas

2 Answers  

At present, who is the watchdog of international trade? (1) The World Bank (2) WTO (3) GATT (4) IMF

9 Answers   IFIC Bank, IMF, NTPC, SSC, World Bank,

‘Terra Rossa’ is a type of (1) Lake (2) Coral (3) Soil (4) Fish

1 Answers  

. Harshavardhana was defeated by (1) Kirtivarman (2) Narasimhavarman (3) Pulakesin I (4) Pulakesin II

6 Answers   HSSC,

. Name of the method in which different colours are used to represent various features of elevation of the ground? (1) Contours (2) Hachures (3) Layer Shading (4) Millibars

2 Answers  

The Political suffers in Andhra during the ‘Vande Mataram’ movement: (a) D. Harisarvothama Rao and Bodi Narayana Rao (b) G. Harisarvotham Rao and K. Laxhmana Rao (c) Gurajda Appa Rao and Veeresalingam (d) None

1 Answers