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. State governments control the forest upto the extent of

(1) 15%

(2) 40%

(3) 90%

(4) None of the above

. State governments control the forest upto the extent of (1) 15% (2) 40% (3) 90% (4) No..

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( 2 ) 40%

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. Who translated Maxim Gorky’s ‘Mother’ in Telugu? (1) T. Gopichand (2) Sri Sri (3) Gurujada Appa Rao (4) K. Linga Raju

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Who is the union petroleum minister

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how i would i get group 2 duplicate hallticket

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The author of the Vandemataram Song was (a) Prem Chand (b) Bankin Chandra Chatterjee (c) Surendranath Chatterjee (d) Rabindranth Tagore

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The main reason of the emergence of the Chirala-Perala struggle : (a) The constitution of Chirala and Perala into municipalities which increased the tax burden of the people (b) The conflict between justice party and the Congress party (c) None

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The ‘poverty line’ determined by (1) Per capita intake (calories) (2) Income of the family (3) General health (4) Housing and clothing facilities

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Who’s coins testify maritime power of Satavahanas: (a) Pulamai-II (b) Gautamiputra Satakarni (c) Krishna (d) Satakarni

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. Who designed the tri-colour to Indian National Flag (1) Tangtoori Prakasham (2) K. Venkatappaiah (3) Pingali Venkaiah (4) Rabindranath Tagore

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Mallikarjuna temple is located in: (a) Mahanandi (b) Srisailam (c) Ahobilam (d) Warangal

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. Amongst the following, who contributed most to the Bhagavata cult? (1) Guptas (2) Indo-Greeks (3) Kushanas (4) Parthians

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Apart from the Chairman, how many members are there in the Constitution Review Committee appointed by the Government of India recently? (1) Eleven (2) Ten (3) Nine (4) Twelve

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. Which of the following was the most important center of higher learning during the Mauryan period ? (1) Taxila (2) Sarnath (3) Vallabhi (4) Kanauj

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