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. India almost monopolises in the supply of

(1) Bauxite

(2) Manganese

(3) Mica

(4) Iron ore

. India almost monopolises in the supply of (1) Bauxite (2) Manganese (3) Mica (4) Iron ..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Mica

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Why was Roorkee University in the news recently? (1) It is accredited to Harward University (2) It has been made into an IIT (3) It has been made a Deemed University (4) The President of India was made the Visitor of the University

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The cantos in Ramayana are called: (a) Kandas (b) Parvas (c) Asrams (d) None

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. Babur was born in 1483 at (1) Farghana (2) Kabul (3) Samarqand (4) Tashkent

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The most important seaport of the Reddi period was (a) Krishnapatnam (b) Motupalli (c) Ghantasala (d) None

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. Land Development banks provide credit to the farmers for (1) Buying land (2) Digging wells (3) Marketing their agricultural surplus (4) All the above

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The Sanskrit scholar and commander of elephant forces of Ganapatideva was (a) Gangaya-Sahini (b) Malyala Gunda (c) Recherla Rudra (d) Jayapa Senani

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The number of rational numbers between 2 and 5 is (1) One (2) Two (3) Infinite (4) None of the above

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Hi All, This is Suri. I am one of Govt Job Aspirant. I am going to write DAO(divisional accounts officer), can u plz provide me the material(suggest me some links) and Exam dates. Thanks in advance, suri.

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. Which of the following features is the work of underground water? (1) A cirque (2) A cave (3) A mushroom rock (4) A cliff

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. Which characteristics of Indian economy made it under developed? A. Per capita income low B. High percentage of food in consumption expenditure C. Preponderance of agriculture (1) A only (2) A and C only (3) A, B and C (4) None of the above

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The real political awakening in Andhra was started due to the influence of (a) Home rule movement (b) Foundation of the National movement (c) Vandemataram movement (d) All the above

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Which of the following cities hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in October 2001? (1) Bejing (2) Singapore (3) Shanghai (4) Hongkong

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