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. Ever green forests are in

(1) Kerala & Assam

(2) Madhya Pradesh

(3) Rajasthan

(4) Andhra Pradesh

. Ever green forests are in (1) Kerala & Assam (2) Madhya Pradesh (3) Rajasthan (4) ..

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( 1 ) Kerala & Assam

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. The bone of contention between the Shah of Persia and the Mughals, was the control of (1) Kunduz (2) Ghazni (3) Kandhar (4) Kabul

1 Answers   RRB, RRC Railway Recruitment Cell,

On May 20, 2000, the Government of India decided to convert seven cities into ‘ecocities’. Which of the following cities is not included in the list? (1) Hyderabad (2) Bangalore (3) Ahmedabad (4) Bhopal

1 Answers  

Raja Rama Mohan Roy established the organization known as (a) Aryasamaj (b) Brahma Samaj (c) Sati Samaj (d) None

1 Answers  

. Which one of the following cities has a Mumbai latitude different from the remaining three? (1) Mumbai (2) Bhopal (3) Calcutta (4) Ahmedabad

1 Answers  

please provide me the interview questions for drug inspector post under andhra pradesh public service commission(appsc)

0 Answers  

. Sir Thomas Roe was the accredited ambassdor of the King of England to the Mughal Court. The King of England who sent him was (1) Charles I (2) Charles II (3) James I (4) Henry VIII

1 Answers  

. Largest producer of cement in India is (1) M.P. (2) Bihar (3) U.P. (4) A.P.

5 Answers   TCS,

. Education which was originally a state subject was transferred to the concurrent list by the (1) 24th Amendment (2) 29th Amendment (3) 42nd Amendment (4) None of these

1 Answers   Olympia Infratech,

Who was the Razakars leader? (a) Mir Osman Ali Khan (b) Mahaboob Ali Khan (c) Nizam Ali (d) Kasim Razvi

1 Answers  

. The President of the Constituent Assembly was (1) Dr. K.M. Munshi (2) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (3) Dr. Ambedkar (4) Jawaharlal Nehru

2 Answers  

. In normal times, the Parliament can legislate on matters in the State List by passing a resolution by two-third majority by (1) Lok Sabha only (2) Rajya Sabha only (3) Any of the two (4) None of these

1 Answers  

As water freezes, its temperature (1) Decreases (2) Does not change (3) Increases (4) Fluctuates

5 Answers