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. Richest state in mineral deposits is

(1) Bihar

(2) U.P.

(3) Maharashtra

(4) A.P.

. Richest state in mineral deposits is (1) Bihar (2) U.P. (3) Maharashtra (4) A.P...

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( 1 ) Bihar

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Majlis I-Malguzari indicates? (a) Supreme court (b) Administrative Board (c) Advisory Council (d) Council of ministers

1 Answers  

im preparing for appsc Assistant statistical officers and also for Assistant directors(AD) for statistics. so if anybody is having the previous question papers of ASO or AD statistics question paper please mail me. Also please tell me how to prepare for economics in general studies and statistics in 1month. Please reply to my mail. Thank you

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. Seasonal contrasts are maximum in (1) mid latitudes (2) Low latitudes (3) High latitudes (4) Subtropics

1 Answers   UGC NET,

. Kalidas wrote (1) Manu Charitra (2) Arthashastra (3) Malavikagnimitram (4) None of these

5 Answers  

Hi I would like to prepare for groupii.can anybody send syllabus,material and previous papers to..please send.... my mail-id,

1 Answers   APSPSC,

. Kanishka held the fourth Buddhist Council mainly to (1) Honour Ashvaghosha (2) Conciliate the Brahmanas (3) Recongnise Mahayana form of Buddhism (4) Settle disputes between the different schools of Buddhist sects

1 Answers  

. Who began the Khilafet movement? (1) Muhammad Ali Zinnah (2) Liaquat Ali (3) The Ali brothers (4) None of these

2 Answers  

‘Operation Stabilize’ is related to (1) West Asian Peace Talks (2) East Timor (3) China – Hong Kong conflict (4) India’s Kargil operations

1 Answers  

English Company started first textile factory at: (a) Colicut (b) Machilipatnam (c) Surat (d) Golconda

1 Answers  

. Who wrote ‘Kanya Sulkam’ Social drama (1) Kodali Anjaneyulu (2) Veeresalingam (3) Chilakamarthy (4) Guruzada Appa Rao

2 Answers  

Anapotha Nayaka occupied Warangal by Killing: (a) Prolaya Vema Reddy (b) Rayapa Nayaka (c) Racha Vema Reddy (d) None

2 Answers  

. Unemployment insurance will result in: (1) Decrease in savings (2) Decrease in consumption level (3) Maintenance of consumption level (4) Increase in savings

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