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Yogadarsana was written by:

(a) Jaimini

(b) Patanjali

(c) Barayana

(d) Sankara

Yogadarsana was written by: (a) Jaimini (b) Patanjali (c) Barayana (d) Sankara..

Answer / guest

( b ) Patanjali

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. ‘Mixed economy’ means Co-existence of : (1) Public sector and Private sector (2) The poor and the rich (3) Heavy and light industries (4) All the above

2 Answers   CDS,

. Rana Sanga was defeated by Babar in the battle of (1) Panipat (2) Kanauj (3) Ghagra (4) Khanwa

1 Answers  

The greatest Political Blunder that was committed by Kumaragiri Reddi was (a) His involvment in wars (b) Followed decentralization (c) Division of the kingdom into two halfs (d) Creation of Rajahmandry Rajya

1 Answers  

. Which state is the largest producer of Manganese in India? (1) Orissa (2) Assam (3) Rajasthan (4) Tamilnadu

16 Answers   JPSC Jharkhand Public Service Commission, JSSC, RPSC Rajasthan Public Service Commission,

. The Emergency automatically suspends (1) Fundamental rights under Article 19 (2) The powers of the Governors (3) The Powers of the Courts (4) None of these

1 Answers  

Which city was founded by Krishnadeva Raya ? (a) Hampi (b) Simhachalam (c) Nagulapur (d) Vijayanagar

1 Answers  

. Main source of India’s national income is: (1) Agriculture (2) Industry (3) Forestry (4) None

17 Answers   FCI,

In which state has the petro-chemical industry developed most in India? (1) West Bengal (2) Bihar (3) Gujarat (4) Tamil Nadu

3 Answers  

The Dutch settlements in Andhra were ? (a) Masula and Narasapur (b) Narasapur and Diu (c) Masula and Golkonda (d) Golkonda and Narasipatnam

1 Answers  

. India’s trade with the East European Socialist countries can be described as: (1) Rupee trade (2) Bilateral trade (3) Free trade (4) Barter trade

2 Answers  

Who was the court poet of Raja Raja ? (a) Nannaiah (b) Tikkana (c) Errapregada (d) None

3 Answers  

Who of the following embraced Jainism at the end of his reign? (1) Mahapadma Nanda (2) Chanragupta Murya (3) Bindusara (4) Asoka

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