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Who of the following rulers was the contemporary of Gautama
the Buddha?

(1) Ajatasatru

(2) Bindusara

(3) Asoka

(4) Kanishka

Who of the following rulers was the contemporary of Gautama the Buddha? (1) Ajatasatru (2) Bi..

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( 1 ) Ajatasatru

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Yeast is used in the making of bread because it produces (1) Carbon dioxide (2) Sugar (3) Bacteria (4) Oxygen

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Raja Rama Mohan Roy established the organization known as (a) Aryasamaj (b) Brahma Samaj (c) Sati Samaj (d) None

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. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. This inspiration was derived from (1) Russion Revolution (2) French Revolution (3) American Revolution (4) Indian Revolution

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. The Legislative Council has been abolished in the State of (1) Tamil Nadu (2) West Bengal (3) A.P. (4) All the above

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Who succeeded in Rampa Rebellion in burning Addatigala Police Station? (a) Sardar Jangam (b) Chandrayya (c) Karu Tammanna Dora (d) Ambul Reddy

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. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is (1) The President (2) The Vice-President (3) The Prime Minister (4) The Home Minister

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The Andhra Kings usually identified with the: (a) Satavahana (b) Brihatpalayanas (c) Salankayanas (d) Visnukundis

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. Aurangzeb was a great (1) Architect (2) Writer (3) Painter (4) Scholar

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The tabla is believed to have been invented by (1) Malik Mohammad Jaisi (2) Amir Khusrau (3) Pir Bodhan (4) Zain-ul-Abidini

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. The Indus Valley people worshipped (1) Indra (2) Sun (3) Moon (4) Pashupati

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Who of the following leaders appealed to the Muslims in India to join the Indian National Congress? (1) Sir Saiyyid Ahmed Khan (2) Syed Ameer Ali (3) Sir Agha Khan (4) Badruddin Tayyabji

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1 Answers   APPSC,