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. As a result of subsidiary system

(1) Native rulers became dependents

(2) Native rulers became independent

(3) Influence of East India company in many areas decreased

(4) Influence of France in many areas increased

. As a result of subsidiary system (1) Native rulers became dependents (2) Native rulers becam..

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( 1 ) Native rulers became dependents

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. The spring tide occurs when the moon, the sun and the earth make an angle of (1) 330 (2) 1800 (3) 900 (4) 450

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Who was the first lawyer in Andhra to boycott the British court? (a) Koppali Hanumantha Rao (b) Nyapati Subba Rao (c) T. Prakasam (d) Kodali anjaneyulu

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The National Stock Exchange functions from (1) New Delhi (2) Mumbai (3) Nagpur (4) Kolkata

4 Answers   Maruti Suzuki,

Mangalagiri is a seat of: (a) Narasimha Swamy (b) Panakala Swamy (c) Siva (d) Kumara Swamy

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. The imposition of an import duty causes the consumers surplus to (1) rise (2) remains unchanged (3) fall (4) all the above

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‘Terra Rossa’ is a type of (1) Lake (2) Coral (3) Soil (4) Fish

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Satavahanas became independent rulers: (a) After the down fall of the Mauryan rulers (b) During the reign of the Mauryans (c) They never ruled independently (d) None

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The Tenth Schedule of Indian Constitution contains provisions relating to (1) Distribution of legislative powers (2) Disqualification on the grounds of defection (3) Panchayati Raj (4) Languages

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What are the Journals run by Veeresalingam : (a) Vivekaverdhini (b) Satihita bhodini (c) Hasya Vardhini (d) All the above

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. After about a decade of his assession to the throne, Humayun was bounded out of his Indian empire by Sher Shah Suri and he remained in exile. He reoccupied the throne of Delhi after a period of about (1) 2 years (2) 7 years (3) 10 years (4) 15 years

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Who overthrew the last Chalukya kings of Badami? (a) The Pallavas (b) The Rashtrakutas (c) The Chalukyas of Kalyani (d) None

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. Among the European nations, Akbar had diplomatic relations only with (1) England (2) Spain (3) Portugal (4) Denmark

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