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. The ruler who sent Magasthenese as ambassador at the court
ofChandra gupta Maurya was

(1) Alexander

(2) Seleucus

(3) Porus

(4) Nearchus

. The ruler who sent Magasthenese as ambassador at the court ofChandra gupta Maurya was (1) Alex..

Answer / guest

( 2 ) Seleucus

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hello iam neeha.i want to appear for APPSC-Industrial Promotion officer post(2012) it is my 1st attempt in govt exam.i have completed engineering. paper I G.S--how to prepare? is tata mcgraw hill gs manual book enough? and for paper-II ->diploma level applied sciences(maths,phy,chem) means ...what material i should refer & how to prepare...iam worried abt paper-II first! got only 4 months left for the exam!!!

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. Swadeshi movement started during (1) Anti Bengal Partition movement (2) Non-Co-operation movement (3) Civil disobedience movement (4) None of the above

2 Answers   TCS,

i completed third year,may i eligible for appearing group1&2 exams?

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In India, the largest number of workers are employed in the (1) Sugar Industry (2) Iron and Steel Industry (3) Cotton and Textile Industry (4) Jute-Industry

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The Telugu journals, Andhra Basha Sanjivini and Purushardha Pardayini, were published with the intention of, (a) Checking the social evils (b) Improving the social statas of women (c) Starting a social reform movement (d) To counter act the activities of Veeresalingam

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. The patron of the celebrated Telugu poet Srinadha (1) Prolaya Vema Reddy (2) Peda Komati Vema Reddy (3) Rachavema Reddy (4) Sri Krishnadeva Raya

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. Hemu was the Chief Minister of (1) Islam Shah (2) Mohammad Adil Shah (3) Sikandar Shah (4) Maldev

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. Which one of the following cities has a Mumbai latitude different from the remaining three? (1) Mumbai (2) Bhopal (3) Calcutta (4) Ahmedabad

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Which of the following is the highest hill station in Maharashtra ? (1) Mahabaleshwar (2) Panchagani (3) Matherna (4) Chikaldara

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. The president of India can declare (1) National Emergency (2) Constitutional Emergency (3) Financial Emergency (4) All the three types of emergencies

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. Which of the following is the shortest day in the southern hemisphere? (1) December 23 (2) September 22 (3) March 21 (4) June 21

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. The Reserve Bank of India was established in the year (1) 1935 (2) 1952 (3) 1951 (4) 1949

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