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. The traditional Chola country is situated near the modern
city of

(1) Hyderabad

(2) Bangalore

(3) Madras

(4) Trivandrum

. The traditional Chola country is situated near the modern city of (1) Hyderabad (2) Bangalo..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Madras

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The most important feature of the Chola administration was: (a) The nagarapalikas (b) The local self Government (c) Variams (d) Sabha

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. Which fundamental right is concerned with abolition of social distinction (1) Right to equality (2) Right against exploitation (3) Right to life and liberty (4) Cultural and educational rights

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Which of the following political parties has been recognized by the Election Commission recently as a national political partly? (1) Trinamul Congress (2) Samata Party (3) Rashtriya Janata Dal (4) Nationalist Congress

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What are the Journals run by Veeresalingam : (a) Vivekaverdhini (b) Satihita bhodini (c) Hasya Vardhini (d) All the above

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. Mc Mohan line is an international boundary between (1) India and Pakistan (2) India and China (3) India and Bangladesh (4) None

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. The four main objectives of our constitution as indicated in its preamble are (1) Socialism, secularism; non-alignment and neutrality (2) Justice-social, economic, political and religious (3) Justice, Liberty and Fraternity (4) None of these

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Which of the following is not a basic industry? (1) Iron and Steel (2) Fertilizers (3) Paper (4) Cement

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Ramanujacharya founded (a) Advaitavedanta (b) Visistadvaita (c) Vyshnavism (d) Dvaita

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One finds it more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because (1) Ice is soft and spongy whereas concrete is hard (2) The friction between the ice and the feet is less than that between concrete and the feet (3) There is more friction on ice than on concrete (4) None of these

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. The Pallavas were the patrons of (1) Pali literature (2) Prakrit literature (3) Sanskrit literature (4) Tamil literature

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Who took a leading part in ‘Simon Go Back’ agitation : (a) V.V. Jagaiah (b) Potti Sreeramulu (c) T. Prakasam Pantulu (d) Pingali Venkaiah

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